Renaissance Online School

Renaissance Online School

The Renaissance Preparatory School for Boys and Girls is a non-profit organisation. Over the years, the school has offered its unique brand of education to its students and the wider national community through encapsulating values of spirituality and philosophy. Our philosophy is one of unity, where every child is recognized for his or her potential and contribution and where there is acknowledgement of the divine spark of consciousness – the spirit of truth in every child that is the real essence of his or her being. This spark transcends all the divisions and separations of race, colour, culture and social background. We work to let the child tap into that divinity and consciousness, find out who he or she truly is and what their purpose in life might be.


Our online classes has now allowed us to continue on with this vision amidst the current worldwide pandemic. These classes, provide a sense of support, a place where our children can interact with their peers and learn in a meaningful manner. Our Renaissance online platform has provided children with a sense of safety, nurture a sense of possibility, and rebuild the community lost through extended social isolation.


Online learning has been on the rise in recent years. Students can engage with multimedia content and learning material that is of high quality. On our platform, however, the face to face sessions are structured and give parents the opportunity to virtually experience the intricacies of some of our day to day activities such as practising the Pause, Art and even more endearing Gym classes!


Since all activity online is electronic, every interaction can be measured. This is a very useful tool for parents and teachers alike. There can be a constant tracking of student competency. This makes it easy to evaluate each subject area and student performance, and content can also be updated as needed. There is no limit to the amount of learning that can take place in this arena.


It also challenges our own capacity as educators. This was nothing short of a visionary move by our Headmaster, as all staff members were encouraged to understand and familiarise ourselves with technology. As teachers, most of whom, are new to the whole online system, we are taking on and embracing virtual teaching as a new challenge beyond our existing comfort zone.


Learning in the digital world facilitates life skills through independent learning. Students learn self-reliance and confidence for a lifetime of learning. As we move forward, let us heed the words of one of the greatest Renaissance philosophers that has ever lived:


Whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times.” Niccolo Machiavelli

By: Reshma Maharaj

Class Teacher



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