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Head Girl and Head Boy 2022 - 2023


Naomi Atkins
Student Head Girl

A head girl is required to be a role model for her peers, especially younger students. As a result, head girls are expected to be mature, responsible and capable of making excellent choices, whether in class, at school functions or during their everyday lives. Naomi exemplifies all of these qualities. She enjoys spending time with her friends and going on vacation with her family. She is has a kind and gentle heart, one of her best qualities, which, no doubt will make her an amazing Head Girl!

Alejandro Sahadeo
Student Head Boy

Alejandro has demonstrated leadership qualities throughout his time at Trinidad Renaissance. One of the most important duties of a Head boy is to lead by example and each day at school Alejandro behaves responsibly and respectfully. He participates in school events and one of the extracurricular activities in which he excels is Boxing!  He also enjoys going to the beach and playing video games. He is kind and willing always show true Renaissance spirit in any event! We look forward to his leadership in the role of the Head boy.

Antalya Silochan
Deputy Head Girl

Antalya is our Deputy Head girl.  Antalya loves to swim and enjoys dancing to hip-hop! What a trendy Deputy Head! Antalya loves Art and is always willing to help her peers in any way she can. This quality will certainly make her stand out. She wants to become a Dentist one day and her goals are limitless! Antalya will be a fantastic Deputy Head!


Austin Ramdath
Deputy Head Boy

Anyone who knows our Deputy Head would be aware that he is an avid cricket fan and cricketer!. Austin has an excellent rapport with the school body as a whole and always lends a listening ear to his friends. He is determined and even got a chance to fly on a Cessna 172, where his passion to become a pilot was planted. !He shows great will and will be an outstanding Deputy Head!

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