The Renaissance Curriculum Ages 3 -12

The Trinidad Renaissance School’s Curriculum aims to bring the great philosophical teachings of the world into the lives of the children. Catering for children from preschool ages 3 through primary level age 12. Our approach is geared towards nourishing all four aspects of the child, Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Nourishment.
Furthermore, our effort is to ensure that the children are exposed to the highest principles. In its truest sense we provide a Philosophic Education using the holistic approach.

Physical Nourishment

Mental Nourishment

Emotional Nourishment

Spiritual Nourishment

The education offered here is in significant ways unique. It seeks to provide for the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical welfare of every child. We offer a balance of love and discipline and provide an environment in which a pupil can discover all that is best within his or her own nature.

We would wish to inspire our pupils with a love for the finest aspects of human life so that they themselves may develop the inner strength to live honest, dignified and magnanimous lives, employing their talents creatively for the benefit of humanity.

The Physical Development

Exercise and Physical Activities

Field Sports
Free Play

Nourishment through the Meals Program

Most noteworthy the Renaissance model includes a healthy meal daily. Lunches are served where the entire student body will sit with their class teachers and headmaster to have the meal together. Furthermore, It is significant that at Renaissance the children and teachers serve and look after each other at the lunch table.

The Mental Development

Nourishment for the Mind

Renaissance uses the finest materials available covering all aspect of the National Curriculum. Given our research and experience internationally we have discovered the need to expose the children to a variety of subject areas. For that reason, our approach will engage the children in several additional areas. Consequently, the school will teach a combination of the subjects listed.

In the early years, Pre-K1 and Pre-K2 the approach follows the Montessori Method. The areas are divide into Seven Broad areas.
Practical Life Area
Language Arts Area
Visual Arts Area (Art Shelf)
Sensorial Area
Cultural Area
Reading Area and Book Shelf
Science Shelf and Nature Table Area
Math Area

The Subject Areas Covered

For the classes at the Primary Levels, Reception to Year 6 the children will be offered a combination of the following depending on the grade level.

Mathematics / Mental Maths
English Language Arts
Creative Writing / Writers Club
Social and Cultural Studies
Coding and Robotics / 3D Design and Printing
Music – Violin / Pan / Singing & Choir
Visual Arts and Craft
Performing Arts / Drama and Productions

After-school Academic Enrichment Program

Structured Homework Support

The Emotional Development

Nourishment for the Emotion

There are several approaches we take to nourish the child emotionally where we deliberately engage the children in daily and weekly activities that promote emotional growth.

Philosophy – Our weekly Philosophy sessions in class as well whole school assembly provide a foundation for this area of development.

Music – We have learnt that music naturally goes to the heart, so through our scholarship program including singing and the pan program the children can be nourished emotionally.

Physical Environment – At Renaissance we continually work to provide a clean healthy environment. All classrooms are cleaned and sanitised daily. Bathrooms are cleaned throughout the day. Above all Renaissance provides an environment for teaching and learning that promotes brightness, happiness and enjoyment of learning.

Spiritual Nourishment

Spirituality is the unifying force behind all that we do at Renaissance


The Trinidad Renaissance School is a Spiritual school that believes in the unity of all faiths. Consequently the Renaissance approach draws from the various spiritual teachings.

Our approach is fundamentally a philosophical one, with a clear view that truth, values and character need to find practical expression in the world. Our starting point is the belief that the child is perfect, that he or she already has the knowledge and intelligence within. A Renaissance education draws that inner perfection to the surface and gives students the tools they need to express themselves fully.

Our philosophy is one of unity, where every child is recognized for his or her particular potential and contribution and where there is acknowledgement of the divine spark of consciousness – the spirit of truth in every child, which is the real essence of his or her being. This spark transcends all the divisions and separations of race, colour, culture and social background. We work to let the child tap into that divinity and consciousness, find out who he or she truly is and what their purpose in life might be