Vision Mission and Guiding Philosophy


The Trinidad Renaissance School seeks to rediscover the Truth in education based on universal principles, which advance the cultivation of humanity.


To be an Educational Institution that awakens and nurtures the full potential of the Human Being. We dedicate ourselves to the service of our children using a curriculum that is designed around true principles of the subject matter, drawing out the knowledge and qualities that are innate in all.

Core Values

Truth, Love, Discipline, Service.


Tantum eruditi sunt liberi – only the educated are free.

Guiding Philosophy

Our approach is fundamentally a philosophical one, with a clear view that truth, values and character need to find practical expression in the world. Our starting point is the belief that the child is perfect, that he or she already has the knowledge and intelligence within. A Renaissance education draws that inner perfection to the surface and gives students the tools they need to express themselves fully.

Our philosophy is one of unity, where every child is recognized for his or her particular potential and contribution and where there is acknowledgement of the divine spark of consciousness – the spirit of truth in every child that is the real essence of his or her being. This spark transcends all the divisions and separations of race, colour, culture and social background. We work to let the child tap into that divinity and consciousness, find out who he or she truly is and what their purpose in life might be.

The education offered here is in significant ways unique. It seeks to provide for the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical welfare of every child. We offer a balance of love and discipline and provide an environment in which a pupil can discover all that is best within his or her own nature.

We would wish to inspire our pupils with a love for the finest aspects of human life so that they themselves may develop the inner strength to live honest, dignified and magnanimous lives, employing their talents creatively for the benefit of humanity.