The Trinidad Renaissance School values its Students and Parents and their contributions. All potential students will be given equal opportunity to attend Renaissance.  All student registration and enrolment decisions, therefore, will be made without regard to race, colour, religion, gender, ancestry, or the presence of a disability where care can be provided.

Furthermore, Renaissance will make every effort to reasonably accommodate the known physical or mental limitations of its student(s), to assist them in their performance where possible.

All student applications

Parents are asked to note the following points when applying to register their child at Renaissance.

The child must be 5 and older in the first term of the academic year they are admitted to the school (September – December).

Children can be registered throughout the academic year once they meet the age requirements. Transfers are also considered throughout the year.

Children will be admitted into classes if they are older than 4½ years as long as they present no additional demands on the class and teacher, given the composition of the class at the time. They may be admitted at any time providing they meet these criteria. There may be an assessed prior to entry.

The Admissions committee will use its discretion in cases of all the above which are borderline.

Please use the following steps when applying

Step 1 – Visit our online registration portal and complete the online application to register form.

If you prefer you may download an application form and submit it directly to

All applications will be acknowledged.

It is standard at Renaissance that registration takes place from September to January for the Reception Class.

Early application is recommended.

Transfers are accommodated throughout the year.

Step 2 – Meeting with the Headmaster

All Parents or guardians must meet with the Headmaster prior to acceptance.

Request and online appointment

Use the “Request an Online Appointment” tab on this website to request an online meeting. Once you make a booking you will receive an email with the date and time you selected when making the booking as well as the Meeting ID, Password and link.

Parents with children registered at the Preschool are also required to meet with the Headmaster and submit an application to have their children registered at the primary level.

A parent may also request to meet with the Head prior to submitting an application form. Just visit the request an online appointment page

A TRS Application Form must be submitted before entry will be considered. The non-refundable fee can be paid via online banking / direct deposit of at our office.

Step 3 – Acceptance

Once the child is accepted into Renaissance our office will contact you to collect the acceptance package.

The parent must fill out and submit the acceptance form and fees on or before the deadline date stated on the acceptance letter.

Consequently If the acceptance form and fees are not submitted by the stipulated date the place will be withdrawn and given to the next child on our list.

Having submitted the acceptance form, the parents/guardians of the child are liable for any fees for the first term even if they decide not to send the child to the school. In the event the parent decides to decline the offer, the building and maintenance contribution will be refunded if a requested is received in writing within 6 months of the payment.

The school also reserves the right not to refund the fees or contribution paid for a child attending a portion of the term.

Any parent/guardian giving false information on an application form will have the place immediately withdrawn without return of fees.