Renaissance provides a holistic education with an outstanding academic foundation

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Meeting the Changing Needs

An Ethos of Love

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Online Classes

All students are currently attending online classes

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Music Scholarships

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Natural Learning

A learning environment based on love and discipline.

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Healthy Meals Daily

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The Performing Arts

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Love and Friendship

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A Philosophical based Primary School focused on excellence.

The curriculum aims at furnishing the children with a sound education through enjoyable means. It also seeks to help establish a firm basis for a rewarding life.

Academic Program

With a history of academic excellence, Renaissance is considered as one of the high performing primary schools locally

Physical Program

At Renaissance Preparatory School the physical development of the child is equally important to academic excellence, with a varied and complete physical development program.


Part of the Renaissance model includes sitting and having our daily lunch together. Students and staff sit and enjoy each others company with the opportunity to serve each other at the lunch table.

More than 19 Years Experience in Trinidad and Tobago

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Application for Admission to Renaissance

The Renaissance Experience


Fees are generally set at a reasonable level to make the school accessible to the local community. Generally speaking the fees are very competitive locally.

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All potential students will be given equal opportunity to attend Renaissance. We welcome all students without regard to race, colour, religion, gender, ancestry, or the presence of a disability where care can be provided.

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Class Schedule

At Renaissance our daily schedule of activities reflects a balance between academic, non academic, spiritual and emotional development. The day is deliberately structured from the moment the child arrives at the front gate to the evening dismissal to the parent or guardian.

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About us

Providing quality education for the local community for over 18 years. Rooted in a philosophical base education we cater for the development of the whole child

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Parent’s Perspective