The Renaissance Preparatory School Curriculum aims to bring the great philosophical teachings of the world into the lives of the children. It is our aim for the Renaissance student to be able to speak well, write beautifully, use numbers efficiently and have confidence in themselves. Furthermore our effort is to ensure that the children are exposed to the highest principles. The Renaissance Preparatory School is a Spiritual school that believes in the unity of all faiths. Consequently the Renaissance approach draws from the various spiritual teachings. Above all Renaissance provides an environment for teaching and learning that promotes brightness, happiness and enjoyment of learning.

The Renaissance Preparatory School uses the finest materials available covering all aspect of the National Curriculum. For that reason our approach will engage the children in several additional areas. Consequently the school will teach English, Mathematics, Science, Music, Swimming, Gymnastics, Spanish, Sanskrit and Philosophy as its weekly core subjects. As a result the Renaissance curriculum nourishes and develops mind, body, emotion and spirit in harmony.


The Renaissance Preparatory School curriculum aims to nourish all aspects of the child. Physical nourishment includes a varied combination of gymnastics swimming, archery and cricket. Most noteworthy the Renaissance model includes a healthy meal daily. Lunches are served where the entire student body will sit with their class teachers and headmaster to have the meal together. Furthermore It is significant that at Renaissance the children and teachers serve and look after each other at the lunch table.